About the Author.

Dr. Patti Dammier has been an educator of horses and riders for over 30 years. Her experience both in Europe and the United States provides a broad equestrian perspective During twenty-three years overseas, while an elementary school teacher, she studied equestrian disciplines in Spain, Portugal, England, and Germany. Many of the story situations in this book are based on her true-life experiences.

With Ph.D..in psychology, Patti has completed a dissertation about decision-making and enjoys teaching about career education. Based of her background, she uses her expertise to write about horse training based on scientific theories and educational methods. Besides working with the own European horses, she continues to helps to retrain horses. She would like to promote the training of horses through sound educational principles.

            The focus of her first book is about “A positive method for training horses”. She believes that horse training literature should encourage the equestrian toward that goal. Patti would like to promote the use of valuable educational resources to be applied to both fiction and non-fiction writing for the education of both horse and rider.